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Opening suggestions for 3m blitz

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    Greetings all

    I have a 3m + 2s (Fischer) blitz tournament coming up next week at my local club and I'd really like suggestions on what people recommend to use as openings in quick games and have played with success. I'm looking for aggressive as possible so I can go on wild tactical king hunts and create time consuming complications for my opponents to have to overcome. The tournament is 11 - 13 rounds so require openings for white and black.

    All suggestions are most appreciated, any diagrams or ideas are all welcomed, cheers!

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    the ones you usually use.

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    KIA and KID so that you do not consume so much time in the first 5-10 moves.as a result u will have more time to think for the middlegame and endgame

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    Then maybe some these types of positions:

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    I tend to agree with the others here, play what you know in the openings. However, you could try some gambit ideas if you really want to mix things up. It can be just as important to get your opponents out of their comfort zones too, especially against higher rated opponents.

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    Thank you for the advice. I have been looking into a stonewall system as white since it can be played against nearly any black set up and also has a similar attacking theme to kings pawn games, with the blackmar diemar gambit as a back up. As black I was thinking of the Scandinavian Marshall gambit against e4 and the England complex attack or charlick (e5), or Budapest gambit vs d4. I'm fairly familiar with these openings; or should I play solidly with Ruy, Italian game, kings Indian & rossolimo openings which are my regular openings? Mix it up against weaker and stronger players or stick to one style? I havn't played time controls under 20m otb before so not sure what to expect or to do as far as setting the middle game up effectively

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    Try 1.b4! It's so funny to see my opponents face when I play it :) And it's not a bad opening at all!

    1.b4 c6 2.Bb2 Qb6 (You have to know this) 3.a3 a5 4.c4! ax 5. c5!

    If something else.. Bb2... a3 or b5.. e3 and Nf3 B moves o-o.. sometimes a4 or c4 and in the end.. d4!

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    Play what you would play in a real game. It's good practice.

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    Yeah. Stick to what you know for this one. If you want to play more in that kind of event and are ambitious to do well then you can think about a blitz repertoire.

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    Played some otb with clock 3m games today and my crazy gambit lines didn't work out at all am going to stick to my usual openings however I still want something sweet against the Sicilian as I suspect to see it in all my games as white :( any recommendations?

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    Try the sicilian alapin...1.e4 c5 2.c3 

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    Or just simply play the main lines...

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    Sorry your tournament didn't work out very well. Closed c3 Sicilians are good, but you could also consider the Smith-Morra Gambit as a funky offbeat try, more fun than wading down long theoretical lines. Marc Esserman has written a very entertaining book recently on it and it's a very good read 'Mayhem in the Morra'. Plenty of You Tube videos to look at too if you want to see how it goes. Whilst not exactly a winning formula, it's White that has most of the fun and Black defends to hold his extra pawn. I have enjoyed playing it online.


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