Opinion on dragon sicilian


I am 1150 rapid and want to play an aggressive opening as black so I chose the dragon sicilian 

Give your opinion and feedback about it

Sicilian dragon is a nice option of course. However, as is common with any fianchetto system, you have to be careful about the annoying h-pawn push attack from white that aims to blindly break open the fianchetto structure. Fischer himself used this strategy to win countless games against the dragon. I myself am struggling with this one-formula h-pawn push attack against my king in the English opening, after castling and fianchetto-ing. Ultimately you should play any opening that suits your style of play, provided it is not too off-the-main-lines.

It is a solid opening that has a weakness to be handled. But every black opening has a weakness somewhere or another. I prefer playing the non dragon versions. Because I can keep the same strategy of holding the centre and attacking queen side in most of them. Fianchettoed bishop is a bit harder for me to handle in a Sicilian. Give it a go, practice and learn the subtulties.

I like it
Only if it’s hyperaccelerated dragon tho

The Dragon is garbage.

At the GM Level, it's been figured out to a draw.

Below the GM level, it is far easier to play the White side than the Black side. Sack sack mate. This is because the known draw lines involve a lot of only moves for Black whereas White has options, and black must be able to react correctly to each option with extreme precision. Not worth it!

If you want something aggressive with Black, better off going with the Najdorf. It is full of theory, but not full of only moves. Sure there are some, all openings have them, but the options for black without dying immediately are greater.

And keep in mind, I am giving unbiased advice. I play the French against 1.e4. So instead of hearing what others play, you are hearing what you should be hearing. If I wanted to be one of the many good-for-nothing advice givers by saying "I play this, therefore you should to", I'd be telling you to play the French. But I know the French is not for everybody. This is serious advice that you are better off going Najdorf than Dragon, and it should still meet your personal quota as far as what you are looking for.


Too easy for White to attack the Dragon IMO.


If you want to play the Dragon, play it as White in the English. As Black it’s nigh-upon impossible to hold in the Mainline.


its not refuted but it is defanged., it takes almost no effort for white to learn the yugoslav attack until about kb1. Then black must demonstrate how truly booked up he is to survive with at least equality .
White gets to play mostly on ideas by then, whereas black is facing critical positions every other move. Where is the fun in that?
all too often, black either allows a killer attack usually started with h4-h5 or, he is forced to sac rxc3 but does it at the wrong time and he is a exchange down in the ending.


It's a fun opening. You'll get mated quite often, but you'll also get nice counter attacks.

It's not very popular on GM level but totally fine for amateurs.


I've been playing it since 1000 and now 1200, Ive only faced the Yugoslav attack once and only a few times have they pawnstormed my kingside. Unfortunately at this level many players know zero opening theory and what happens a lot is the white player tries to achieve an italian-style structure which leads to a boring game, but they often lose because they don't respect how solid the Sicilian pawn structure is, and also the looming threat of our dark bishop which effectively pins multiple pieces and often forces white to devote pieces in defence.

When people start playing the Yugoslav I might switch to the Najjdorf but I have managed to get some typical dragon attacks going on the queen side, and it's a simple enough opening that I think it's a good way to learn the Sicilian in general. I think it is a good gateway to the Sicilian and it is THE sicilian of old, it is out of favour at the higher levels now but by learning the Dragon you are learning a huge part of the history of the Sicilian.

At your rating I would encourage you to learn the dragon, just be wary of pawn storms and be open to the idea of switching to the Najdorf or other variations when white starts playing the Yugoslav more, as like others have said you have to work very hard to get a draw in that variation.

If you decide to experiment with the Dragon my advice would be to accept a quiet game if white castles kingside and doesn't manage to set up towards a kingside attack early on, as in the Sicilian you are incredibly solid thanks to the pawn structure and central control, so that is why so often white needs to castle queenside and sacrifice pieces to checkmate you. There are a few tactical tricks early on in the Sicilian before and a few moves after the Dragon is achieved, so learning those will keep you safe and win you games. But most of all be willing to let white fall on his sword trying to attack you if he castles kingside, or leave himself open to your bishop. It is very easy to defend against white unless they castle queenside most of the time in the Dragon.


I would suggest the accelerated dragon instead of dragon because of the similar reasons that others have pointed out.