Owen Defense

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    Bdsr wrote:

    I'm referring to the first post, by benedictus: 1. e4 b6 2. d4 Bb7 3. Nc3 e6 4. Nf3 Bb4 5. Bd3 Bxc3+ 6. bxc3 d5 7. e5, isnt this a french winawer where white saved a tempo by not playing a3 and black already has ...b6 and ...Bb7 in.

    Ah, thanks. Yes, you are right. Instead of Bxc3+, the main line is 5...Nf6 6.Bg5 h6 7.Bxf6 Qxf6 8.O-O Bxc3 9.bxc3 d6 10.Nd2 e5 11.f4 and best play from here is still up for debate. I notice that some GM's have played 5...Bxc3+, but followed by Ne7, d6, Nd7 with a kind of "half-Hippo".

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:
    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    3. ...f5 is a blunder.  One can even sac the exchange here and play exf5! and let black get his "trick" in.

    4. exf5 Bxg2? 5. Qh5! g6 6.fxg6 Bg7 7. gxh7+ and Black is in serious deep poo.

    This is not the refutation which was listed in Chess Life awhile back, but unfortunately the only move from that line that I recall is Nf3! at some point.

    That is how and why I catch people with it.

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    Yes, I play this already and I find that most opponents play 3.Bd3 instead of 3.Nc3. Certainly a sound opening.

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    I tried to develop a system against everything with 1. b3 or 1...b6 back around 1978. It came to an inglorious end. The Owens Defense just doesn't attack anything. White gets a free hand for a couple moves and plays 3. Bd3 (f3 even can be played, since Black has no way of exploiting anything) and has no problems unless he creates them himself. Black would do well to play e6 before trying anything too counterattacky. It's just slow.

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    Several inaccuraciesin this line but this was a correspondence game played between my sparring partner and a guy from Poland that shows the Owen Defense can be exploited in many different ways by White. THhe biggest divergence comes at move 9 when White plays Be2 rather than Bc2 and maintains the pawn chain rather than hit at Black with an early b3.

    Apparently, my system is not letting me input the pgn file. If someone could cut and paste this for me, it would be much appreciated. Once it is posted, I will edit the post here to remove the pgn. It can be opened via Notepad easiest.

    [Event "Army of Brotherhood Open Challenge - Board 12"]
    [Site "Chess.com"]
    [Date "2012.09.09"]
    [White "vengence69"]
    [Black "MarkQueen"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [WhiteElo "1597"]
    [BlackElo "1823"]
    [TimeControl "1 in 3 days"]
    [Termination "vengence69 won by resignation"]

    1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Bd3 e6 4.c3 c5 5.Nf3 h6 6.Be3 Qc7 7.O-O d5 8.e5 c4 9.Be2 Ne7 10.Nbd2 Nd7
     11.Rc1 Nf5 12.Kh1 g5 13.Bxg5 hxg5 14.Nxg5 Bh6 15.Ndf3 Bxg5 16.Nxg5 Ng7 17.f4 Nf8 18.g4 O-O-O 19.f5 exf5 20.gxf5 Nh7
     21.Nxh7 Rxh7 22.Bg4 Kb8 23.Qc2 Rdh8 24.h3 Bc8 25.Rf2 Rh4 26.Rg1 Qd8 27.Rh2 Nh5 28.f6 Bxg4 29.Rxg4 Rxg4 30.hxg4 Ng3+
     31.Kg2 Rxh2+ 32.Kxh2 Ne4 33.Qg2 Qh8+ 34.Qh3 Qxh3+ 35.Kxh3 Kc8 36.Kh4 b5 37.g5 Kd8 38.Kh5 Ke8 39.g6 fxg6+ 40.Kxg6 Kf8
     41.Kf5 b4 42.e6 Nxc3 43.Kg6 Ne4 44.e7+ 1-0

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's the system I use. I saw it in the book "Master vs Amateur" and it's pretty reliable. It also gives you nice options against the hippo as shown in one of the other games in the book.

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    There you go PP it is in. Didn't know you liked spying on your sparring partners games? trying to gain an advantage again?

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    Here is a better handling of the Owen than the last time i played it. 10/0

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    if you are going to play the owens beware of this trap

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    Any time White can unmask the f7 square early in an opening, it usually nets a fast win unless Black can get Ne7 immediately and is willing to castle long. Great example of the opening trap to the Oewn as well.

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    Bill_C wrote:

    Here is a better handling of the Owen than the last time i played it. 10/0


    Bill_C, in the previous game posted, 60. Qxa2+ wasn't a good move. Instead white should play 60. Qe5. Just keeping the king occupied should prevent pawn promotion. Or perhaps Kxf5. Anyways white eventually wins. Good play!

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