Petroff with 3.Bc4

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    Right now I just play 3...Nxe4

    What should I play after 4.Qe2 or 4.Nxe5? 

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    d5 looks good.

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    verybadbishop wrote:

    d5 looks good.

    3..d5 blunders a pawn i think. exd5 nxd5 Nxe5 Qe7 O-O, no easy way to recollect it, perhaps a gambit is in need here.

    3..d5 4.exd5 e4 5.Qe2, and play from here is probably better for white, its not immediately clear how black will justify the pawn sacrifice.

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    Think the OP asked about move 4, where he always plays Nxe4 on move 3.

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    3...Nxe4 is the Urusov gambit I think. Taking is theoretically best but you're probably going to be defending until move 20 something...

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