Philidor Defence


I am rated 1300-1500.  10 minute blitz/rapid.  Once in while people will play 2...d6.  No matter how I mix it up I never get a position that allows the 5. g4 gambit. Any hints on changing the move order?  I see this position will sometimes come out of the Karo-Cann.

I just want to play it and see if I can make it work.  I should create a new thread for this but I have a good idea (I think) for to allow players to start on an agreed upon position.  A matchmaking system for example if two players wants to practice several variants of the Sicilian.  Or an open system where players queue up several positions and others can browse and start a game.


This man is a big brain with good ideas.

This looks horrible. What do you actually get in exchange for the g pawn?


g4 is a good way to drop a pawn. There are a lot of possible exchanges in the position so I'd say white's losing.


U cannot avoid Shirov gambit, which is a very complicated line, and not easy for black.

Your move order is bad, but not because of this. Here some move orders with the issues :

Second :

The modern way to play the Pirc is to begin with 1...d6 :

So black finally found the good move order with


poucin wrote:

[good stuff]

Thanks for your insight.  If I wasn't clear, I am asking from being the white side.  My opponents ALWAYS play what you call "ancient" Philidor haha.  So it looks like I can only mess with this if they play the Pirc.


Indeed, I misunderstood u. Anyway, my answer gave u all the keys!