Please recommend an opening Pirc OR French, for someone who ... !?


Person (student) is about : strong B class player or a weak-medium A class player . About 1750- 1900 rating strength.

Student is an old senior so : previously struggled with sharp budapest gambit  (fajarowicz variation) against d4 , later switching for the KID (King's Indian defence) started having good results and no more confusion on what to play against c4 , d4 or f4! Always plays the KID .

What would you recommend for him to play something that is NOT sharp , tactical, calculational against e4 !? Something similar to the KID where he can play 5-7 moves without struggle of any sharp theoretical or just any lines that won't have enough time to castle and king in the middle of the board, basically he needs something to get out of an opening and freestyle later on in middlegame, also if he plays against stronger players A class or even CM title , what would be a better opening for him to survive : 

French or Pirc 



The pirc is too passive for high-level play.

1e4_0-1 wrote:


The pirc is too passive for high-level play.

Did you even read my thread !?

B class or A class, even CM title is it HIGH LEVEL chess in your opinion !? 

I already wrote in my post , student is a SENIOR! , which means OLD ! What high level play are you talking about here !?!?

High level play chess is 2600+ Elo FIDE .


Pirc is highly tactical (and not passive at all) and difficult to handle, no way.

French indeed is a good choice for anyone because easy to understand.

However, if your guy wants something which is not sharp and let's say rather closed, then I would recommend Philidor.

I mean something like this :

White can deviate earlier with dxe5 (with an interesting endgame for black IMO), or Shirov gambit with g4 (nobody would play it at his level). So a good practical choice, few lines/theory.


Pirc can be extremely tactical, at times, and a real headache to play, from the Black side, if the player isn't a fan of sharp calculations.

Between the two choices, for your student, I'd definitely recommend the French. It's more of "general strategy" opening, where Black has clear goals. Usually White's pawn center "tells" Black how to develop and proceed.


I think the French does not necessarily get you quickly castled...and not sure how much freestyling there is allowed in that structure. I would think the Pirc may be more suited for improvisation and quicker castling... how sound it is without working theory is another question.