Please recommend an opening to suit my style of play

eques_99 wrote:
bloodbear wrote:

Kings Indian Defense

woohoo an actual answer to the frikkin' question!


Not a good answer though, you want an open board    play 1.e4 2.d4    goring gambit stuff if want hack and slash


Try Scandinavian. I have never really put much faith in it, but I think it might suit your style.

Another one you could try is the fried liver attack in the Italian Game. It is good fun and an entertaining line to explore.

If someone ever plays 1..d4, you could try Queens Gambit accepted. That leads to interesting positions.

My personal favourite is the Sicilian Dragon variation. It is great fun to play, but it can only be played if both sides do the moves:

In the dragon, white usually castles queenside, while black fianchettos his bishop and castles kingside. This allows for a really fun game where both sides have a race to see who can create a better attack using pawns first.

If you want to try something aggressive as white, go for the King's Gambit. I never play it though, because I don't like that kind of style.

Finally, you may also try the Budapest Gambit. However in my opinion, I would stick with the first few, as I find the gambits to be too theoretical for me to play. You might enjoy them, though.

Good Luck.