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Queens Raid: How to perform it and stop it.

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    btw its called the Parham attack and its not that great there are lots of ways to stop it

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    Even better is:

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    how to win with it

    Black wins a pie

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    NightFactory wrote:

    8. ..d4 just loses the pawn.
    Instead of 7. ..Re8 black should get their bishop into play, d6 works. White has d4 control problems because his queen isn't on d1, and has to babysit the square or black will have the powerful Nd4. Meanwhile black has no real weaknesses and is free to gain space on the queenside, slowly squeezing white. Not pleasant.

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    Here's how to beat it.


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    LongIslandMark wrote:

    For what it's worth, here is how I messed up defending against it. Usually I do pretty well, but not this time:


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    LongIslandMark wrote:

    @blasterdragon - thanks for the analysis and better moves.

    5...d5 was probably too early.

    10... O-O-O?? I'm guessing you gave the question marks not because castling in and of itself was a bad idea, but because it set up the exchange where I lost a minor.

    no problem yes its not bad move just in this case since it loses to that tactic your opponet played

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    how to stop it

    easily stopped

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    So pritty much all the places I have looked at say that this is not a good move when playing with any bigginers. I want to know if white can make something good out of an agrassive oppenning with the queen such as the Queens raid.


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