Favourite opening ? why?

Ruy Lopez, most played at top level.

French defence, easy to play and win

What number 3 said!


At my level... I'm not really going too in-depth on opening theory.

That said...

Rubinstein's Anti-Colle !

The why:

Gives Black a small fleeting glimmer of hope then crashes it upon the cliffs of despair : Euphoria, butterflies and unicorns ... dancing in their eyes.... Thinking they have thwarted my Mighty Colle, so futile..... so very futile! I love looking into their eyes, as I pull the rug of there aspirations out from beneath them around move 10, when my queenside initiative kicks in. The horror on their face when my pawn majority in get's to jack boot stepp'en down the center... it's shear terror at the Chess board!! grin


As White 1) d4 with idea to play x) c4 (example 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4) because notably I don't only play against humans but also against bots and against bots (also against stronger or strong enough humans) 1) e4 e5 is very annoying to me :

1) e4 even if it may seem strange imo we quickly underestimated 1)...e5 because it is the move by default for "newbies" or "low intermediate players" who have hardly studied openings with Black so "we have quite a bit of success with this opening" because the "meduim or up intermediate players" tend to choose other openings.

1 : 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) Bc4 Nf6 4) Ng5 a variation that can be successful against humans but against bots it's different 4)...d5 there is also 4)...Bc5 that can be dangerous 5) exd5 there is not only 5)...Ca5 and in short we'll be led to play difficult positions where we rather have the impression that in itself it is a strategic error.

2 : 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) d4 exd4 4) Nxd4 we have the impression that it will be quiet but bots can play 4)...Qh4

3 : 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) Bb5 there are lots of variations and I find it a tiring and difficult opening.

4 : 2) f4 against bots I think it's just a worse opening to play.

5 : 2) Nc3 Nf6 3) Bc4 Nxe4 4) Qh5 Nd6 ineffective against bots.

6 : 2) d4 exd4 3) c3 ineffective against bots.

7 : 2) Bc4 Nf6 3) d3 Nc6 4) Nc3 of course 4)...Bb4 is also annoying but 4)...Bc5 5) f4 d6 6) Nf3 and there are lots of variations that can pose problems.


White: Hybrid Queen's Gambit/London System. Starting with Nf3 and then transposing. I really like the flexibility and positional play with it.

Black: Kan Sicilian. It's the most chill Sicilian, while also keeping my opponent out of theory (relatively)

Most of my opening play style revolves around playing a fairly rare but objectively good opening. They tend to mess up, and I can capitalise on that.




Italian - easy to learn, solid, based on opening principles and lands an easy short castle position


For white I will go with the Ruy Lopez, and black with the sicilian


Scandinavian Qa5. Fun, practical, and White doesn't have many sidelines.