Refuting the Grand Prix Attack--Andrew Martin


Any dedicated Grand Prix players here?


Just wondering what people think of this video:


I've started to play the Grand Prix a bunch, and I watched this video after searching for possible refutations. Once f5 is played, white is pretty much commited to an all out attack on the kingside, which the video shows how to blunt. But the Grand Prix alone does not demand that white goes for the all out attack. Instead of 7.f5, I think it would be prudent that white instead plays 7.d3 if black plays this defensive line, allowing white to take the small advantage of having two bishops that are relativly free. If black gets too abitious in trying to free his position, then white can continue with the traditional Grand Prix and go for mate.

I'm fairly new to this opening, so I may just be talking out of my butt Tongue Out


From what I gathered from videos here on the Grand Prix with Bb5 is much better for white, and the only one that can cause some trouble to black.

As a sicilian player I'm much more worried about white entering some wild open sicilian rather than the Grand Prix. It's something that causes no problem at all if you're prepared.


Ah, in the Ftacnik book that I'm using to build my sicilian repertoire he suggests this line:



I'm trying to decide what I want to play against the Sicilian.  I usually play the Closed Sicilian, but I've never been really satisfied with it.  Thinking about giving the Grand Prix a try.  I'm not sure if I want to dive into the Open Sicilian, but maybe I should.