Ruy Lopez Refuted


As you can see from the diagram below the Ruy Lopez has been completely and utterly refuted. There is no reason for White to play it any more.


this is BS why does Kasparov play the opening then?


This position has been reached many times before and after 7.axb3 d6 is the main line with white winning 50% of the games in the database.Playing 7...c6? drops a pawn 8.Nxe5 and more pain to come. I would not venture down that road for something wicked that way blows.


fianchetto, that is because Kasparov does not know it is a bad opening. Wait, that makes me better than Kasparov :))))

Mr_Norm, even d6 means that White has DOUBLED PAWNS and has LOST THE BISHOP pair. Meanwhile, Black is playing actively and has very good pieces. It's obvious Black has the advantage there.


The position in that pic is illegal btw; both kings are in check. 


you forgot the Quod erat demonstrandum.


To be fair, when I was 14, I thought I invented the Muzio.  When I was 15, I realized I was and idiot.

Escapest_Pawn wrote:

To be fair, when I was 14, I thought I invented the Muzio.  When I was 15, I realized I was and idiot.

When you were 16, you realised Muzio was an idiot?


white has doubled pawns and has lost the bishop pair but also has slightly more central control, more centralised pawns, an open rook file and a lead in development (not to mention a hanging e5 pawn lol)


Nxe5 followed by f4 and d3, white's position is pretty good.


This is just absurd.  Go play it against 20 people with a significant rating and let us know the results.


helltanker, we all know that Kasparov is the greatest. I have played this position a few times with success as well.


Now that we're at it, I have a problem with a couple of lines. Can somebody advise please?




Why can't white play 8. Re1 pinning the knight?


^ simply d5 to support the knight and white is actually worse. For example:



What sense does Ne5 make? 9. Nfd2 or perhaps even Ng5 look to be at least winning the pawn back.


It was just an example, as it is a common maneuver.

No 9.Nfd2 is no better and doesn't win the pawn back because d4 is just too weak. I checked with an engine and black is still better.


d4 can't be weak, I didn't suggest 9. cxd4.


...Na5 isn't bad but not a best move also.

White has an open a-file but cede the bishop pair.

White can take the pawn on e5 which is free.

White can play 8.c4, 8.Nxe5 with a good game.


Black's only advantage is the bishop pair. He can open the position on the kingside to make the most of the bishop pair.