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Scotch Gambit novelty.

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    This interesting move was played against me recently in a game here at chess.com. It was never played against me before, nor did I find any games with this move when I searched my databases after the game. It seems to be dangerous weapon, as I was crushed by it without too much effort (as I could not defend properly).


    The threat to open the h5-e8 diagonal is annoying. After 10.. fxe6 11. Qh5+ g6 Black's dark squares have been significantly weakened, while after 11... Kf8 Black's king is stuck in the center with an attack incoming.

    So, what do you guys think about this?

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    After 11...g6 I'd feel very comfortable as Black.

    I can't see any threats from White's Queen and Black's knight on d4 is threatened.

    Don't like the look of 11...Kf8 at all.

    What happened in your game?

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    I played 11... Kf8 and went down an exchange some moves afterwards.

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    So you could play 10...bishop takes pawn or 10...bishop takes knight. And yes, as Canutus says, if the h5 - e8 diagonal is opened up after exchanges, and the queen comes to h5 to check, just push the g pawn to block the check.

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    SANDOKKAN wrote:

    hello rigasUT you liked the variant, I play for three and a half years and with the white when possible I always played the Scottish gambit. in my opinion was better g6, but your mistake was another, when you have eaten the horse, instead you had to salvage the bishop, the horse ate it anyway I could not do anything to save it or defend it"

    I definitely like the way this guy refers to the pieces as eaten instead of taken.  Might be just the psychological edge I need.

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    I doubt very much that White has full compensation after 10...fxe6 11. Qh5+ g6 12. Qe5 Qf6 13. Qxf6 Nxe6 14. Nb3 Bd6. Black's pawn structure is a mess, but he has the bishop pair, better central control and counterplay on the f file. The extra pawn hardly seems to matter, at least not in the endgame sense.

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    yeah, same as Chinese

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    Same in latvian and russian:)

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    And portuguese...

    I know it is a natural thing, but native english speakers many times forget that perhaps the majority of people here speaks another language. I would like SheaSheaWanton writing here in latvian or italian... Laughing

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    I said that I liked the phrasing and I meant it.

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    Your line, unfortunately, isn't a novelty ...

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    i also had a master play this against me in an OTB rapid game back then (~2 years?)

    i also didn't know my theory and also was crushed rather quickly, i guess its real value is just being a patzer mass destruction system.

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    isnt it like the spanish exchange in worse for white?? can someone explain the opening to a chessnewcomer??

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    white's e5-pawn is an inconvenience and a basis for a possible white kingside attack, black's knight is also exposed to a timely f3. of course, if black makes his way through the tricks, he'll have a good position.


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