Should white always fianccetto the light bishop after playing 1nf3?

I believe I read that in some old chess book, but sometimes I’m playing the Reti and mid-opening I want to get into position to pummel black’s kingside. What should I do?


Starting Out: The Reti by Neil McDonald



Not sure would recommend e3 poison to inexperienced players. It looks deceptively simple being very flexible in initial moves, but need quite a bit of chess knowledge about different pawn structures. At the moment only trying to use ideas in the Panov attack, isolated queen pawn positions, which can reach from my e-pawn rep.


e3 Poison is one of the books I've looked at and not gotten because it seems like it might be too advanced. But the idea is extremely I understand it's a collection of e3-based transpositional tricks for d4/c4/Nf3 players to patch repertoire holes. However, I feel like it might be best for me to just play what I already play for the simple reason that opening theory can suck up a lot of time that's better spent elsewhere.


The book still looks cool though