Sicilian defence - which are the best lines for black?

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    kikvors wrote:

    I think the big three are the Taimanov, Najdorf and Sveshnikov.

    But at your level that's utterly irrelevant -- those are definitely not the best lines for you.

    the Taimanov?? really thats one of the more unpopular variations the top 3 are the Najdorf Kan and Dragon

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    dragon is for fanchedoing your bishop.

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    Randomemory wrote:

    People, please don't take this wrongly, but you probably suck, like me, at maintaining the advantage in my games. Therefore, you must go with the next primary option, in which you are trying to reach a position you find comfortable. 

    What is the point of memorizing theory, or studying the systems, if you lack of understanding, or experience discomfort?

    The OP is well off listening to everyone's recommendations, as everyone has their opinions on what the best sicilian is, or what the best defenses are, but I totally disagree with the common thought that a certain variation is best. No, they are just different in their own ways. Simply put, you should pick one of the variations recommendation in the thread's comments, but I would ignore the reasons of picking such behind it, as most of them are based off favoritism.

    Just pick what you are comfortable with. 


    A small opening advantage to an amateur is worthless.  It's worth everything to understand the ideas of the opening and be comfortable with the positions you get.  If you memorize theory as a beginner it's worth nothing.

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    Chinese Dragon for black! Always Chinese Dragon

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    Aayushi_Sanghi wrote:

    Some tips and Ideas for Black: (Any line you use follow these tips)

    1. The main idea of the Sicilian Defence is a Queen-side attack. You should be playing moves like Qd8-c7, Ra8-c8,l a7-a6, b7-b5. 

    2. Leave your e-pawn on e7 in the Dragon Variation. If you move it you weaken d6 and on e5 it blocks in your Bishop on g7. 

    3. Don't play e7-e5 if White has already played either Bf1-c4 or Bc1-g5 Both these moves   help him control d5.

    4. Don't play a7-a6 in the Dragon - it's usually too slow. 

    5. If your opponent throws his K-side pawns forward try to play either d5 or e5. 

    6. Make sure you know how to play against the Anti-Sicilian lines at the end...

    It is usually nice to mention source.

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    Thanks for those posts about Nxb5 Modniir and Randomemory; never would have guessed ...Rxa4 was recommended there

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