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Sicilian Kan

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    I usually get into the Kan when someone plays 2.Nf3 against my French.

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    In blu emu's game I confused the position after 8kh1 with more theoretical one with 8Be3. After 8Kh1 it is possible to go into e6, d6 setups after 8...Be7 where kh1 isn't the most dangerous idea. 8...NxN 9QxN Bc5 is the most comfortable way for black to play then if 10Qd3 b5, or 10Qd2 0.0, or h6 if worried about Qg5.

    8...Bb4 of game is ok too when probably 9Bg5 is most challenging. 9Na4 is a bit strange without be3 controlling c5, and b6, so 9...b5 10NxN pxN 11Nc3 looks fine for black. In the equilvalent position with Be3, instead of Kh1, 9...b5 doesn't work because of 10NxN pxN 11Bc5. So probably I wasn't the only one confused when na4 should be applied.

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    netzach wrote:

    Kan do.

    36.55% 28.33% 35.12%


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    Black's play was alright 6...Qc7 and bought a tempo from white with 7a3 to prevent Bb4. Chould have setup a flexible hedgehog position with 7...b6, when later the knight can go to Nd7. 7...Nxe5 is possible too.

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    LazyChessPlayer3201 wrote:

    Ziggy_Zugzwang wrote:

    The Kan is an excellent choice for black. Have been playing OTB league games for a couple of years. When white plays open sicilian, I've won 8, drawn 8 and lost 3. I found Andrew Martin's DVD very useful.

    White can't really play the Bb5 lines like against Nc6,d6 systems, which IMHO are the best Anti Sicilan lines.

    As white I've looked at early b3 lines and the deferred wing gambit. I would be interested in a good line as black against the latter ! :-)

    You can try 1c4 and if e5 play 2e3 and go for a "reversed" Kan

    If you look at a bit of theory you will see why the wing gambit is not played much http://www.chess.com/games/view?id=1160971

    Against the b3 idea I generally push e6 d5 quickly. http://www.chess.com/games/view?id=471409

    Thanks for the links....

    Yes, I'm advocating the deferred wing gambit, especially after 2...e6 for black....and In fact I was looking briefly at 2...d6 then 3b4 as well....

    If white waits, and if black doesn't play 2...Nc6, punished by 3Bb5 , or 2....g6 then 3d4, then I'm currently minded to play the deferred since it seems most recommendations against the Wing Gambit proper involve an early d5 for black - as indeed the game you give - BUT, after black has already played 2...d6 he will lose a tempo with a subsequent d5 and is the "French" centre optimal after 2...e6 ?

    It's been said that the queenside gives white "benko" style pressure as well as kingside chances. I intend playing a few club and congress games with it because as a few GMs have commented, "activity counts for a lot at club level"

    Here's a game that started off as a French as someone said before it can transpose into the Sicilian. I have a feeling that the wing gambit against the Kan may be better than against the French because black's pawn on d5 gives more central thrusting options for black. It's not perfect - but shows possibilities. My opponent slightly lower graded than myself ECF ~150's myself ~165

    Nigel Davies covers the Wing Gambit against the French and the Wing Gambit proper  in Vol 1 of his gambit repertoire duo, but not transpositional areas in between. Secrets Of Opening Surprises VOL 1 gives a lot on the French Wing Gambit

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    Against the deferred wing gambit 1.e4 c5 2Nf3 e6 3b4 transposing to the French line 3...d5 and if 4e5  then 4..d4 Korchnoi's idea, seems a good line. Don't think 4e4xd5 is a very challenging alternative. There is a chapter on 4...d4 in "Flexible French".

    In general a 2...e6 sicilian player can use a lot of French lines to cover anti-sicilians if wishes. For example against 3c3, which is objectively the best anti-sicilian against 2..e6 move order, can play 3...d5 when 4pxp pxp goes into an Tarrasch IQP where black can play bb6 because of early c3, or after 4e5 transpose to advance French, or play 4...d4.

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    i play it sometimes through a sicilian O'kelly move order. The +side is that my opponent has to commit Nc3, so theres no maroczy.

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    i think that move order is imprecise.
    After 1.e4 c5 2. Nf3 a6 3. d4?!  cxd4 4. Nxd4 e5
    White has 5.Nf3 attacking the pawn. 5..Nf6 (pawn cant be taken because of Qa5) 6.Bc4.

    Compare this with the line: 1.e4 c5 2.nf3 a6 3.d4 cxd4 4.nxd4 nf6, this is much more forcing. The lines cant transpose easily because Bc4 now hangs the e4 pawn. 5.Nc3 and now that the knight is commited we play e5.

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    I like this sicilian variation a lot, since it is probably the most flexible. Black can end up playing the classical sheveningen setup, with e6-d6 or just keep the pawn in d7 and use the a3-f8 diagonal with his pieces (usually the black squared bishop).

    I already found some variations for the lines with 5.c4 (I like to play with 5.c4 Nf6 6.Nc3 Bb4), and lines with 5.Nc3 (Here I prefer the immediate 5...b5 and Bb7, and sometimes Bc5 and Qb6 as well), but I have problems to find something I like against the most flexible white move: 5.Bd3

    Anyone has suggestions for this??

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    Just my 2 cents

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    5...Bc5 is the favoured idea at the moment to encourage white to decentralise Nd4. After 6Nb3 personally would prefer 6...Be7 because it leads to similar sort of positions to 5Nc3. Then need to be aware of Qg4 possibilities and/or playing hedgehog type positions when white plays c4.

    The previous diagram is broadly right but for example 6c3 Qb6 line is abit optimistic After 7Be3 Qxb2 80.0 white is getting lot of play for pawn, if take rook, the queen doesn't come out again. 

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    In previous diagram, have put some of the variations that Delchev suggests in "Safest sicilian" for playing against deferred wing gambit. Have put explanations of some of the moves here, because on chess com can easily lose stuff if typing for too long. 

    First of all Delchev not too impressed with deferred version because Nf3 gets in way of third rank, so makes white's Ra3 exchange sac pointless. Also gets in way of queen going to kingside. In 4a3 black should treat the position like the recommended way of meeting the 3c3 sicilian. In the 4d4 line 4...Nf6 is probably better than 4...d5 5e5 when it's a not particularly good French wing gambit. After 6...Ne4 the intention is to sac pawn back with better position for black.


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