Sicilian O'Kelly variation


Hi everyone,


I have a question about the O Kelly sicilian. Is this considered a sound opening? What are the main ideas for Black?




This is just the Hyperaccelerated Najdorfgrin.png


Don't play against it the way I did.



Against 3.c3, often given as 'the refutation', I like to play e6, then meet 4,d4 with d5, bringing about a French like position where Black often brings the white-squared bishop to b5 to swap it off, 

It is playable, but the Najdorf is better. Black's idea is if White plays the usual 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4, he can play 4 ... e5 and White's knight is deprived of going to its best square, Nd4-b5. Someone played it against Fischer once when he was young, but it appears he saw the trick after 3 ... cxd4 and he transposed into the Smith-Morra Gambit with 4 c3. As most opening books should tell you, White retains the advantage with 3 c3 or 3 c4.



The O'kelly is playable.

3.d4 is fine for black. 3.c3 is often cited as a refutation but black can play 3...e6 followed by d5 and reach a french advance type position which is roughly equal. 3. Nc3 black has a lot of options but could transpose to a Kan or Najdorf or force white into an inferior position if white refuses d4. After 3. c4, e6 black scores 52% according to the 365chess db. that goes to 56% with only master games. 

These aren't necessarily the best lines but the point is the O'kelly is very much playable and isn't going to be refuted anytime soon.