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Starting out king's gambit

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    Which is the best first book on the king's gambit?

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    Richard Reti, Masters of the chessboard. It's the best book for openings, strategies, and combinations. It describes the ideas behind Kings gambit, open games and closed games,scoth game, rug Lopez, queens gambit and Indian defences.

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    Thank You! I will have a look!

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    i wrote a few blog posts a while back just for fun.

    sorry, i used to have a few online resources for it but i've recently lost my bookmarks/favorites links.

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    Reti teaches in his book about the importance of understanding an opening rather than variations, since its harder.

    The King's Gambit is 1.e4 e5 2. f4, now what is the purpose besides central control?

    Well you want to open up the Kings Bishop file, the f file. Control the center, and attack against weak f7. As black you want to keep the f file closed, and fight in the center.

    Kings Gambit Accepted , now you can try to keep gambit pawn with 2...exf4 3. Nf3 g5, at this position if you don't understand the point of the Kings gambit you might find moves like Bc4, Qh5, and be trying to mate. Instead prying open f file, and attacking the black pawns on the kingside should be your priority.

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    In all honesty, I think that every minute spent drilling tactics and practicing them in games is more beneficial than every minute spent reading opening books, for the king's gambit in particular. From what I recall from using it a long time ago, the positions can sometimes seem so bizarre relative to other openings, and tactics show up unusually often. Ultimately, study what you like, though.

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    Thank you for helpful comments! Agreed! Tactics Drills is useful in all aspects of your chess game. Still, I believe that some "studies" of proper opening books is useful. Useful OPeningbooks are a rare bird imo

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    "Best" is not an apropriate goal for a patzer as yours truly. I aim for having fun and an odd improvement.

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    Rulethenight wrote:

    If Bobby Fischer Always Opened Up With Kings Gambit .. It Must Be The Best Opening In Chess!!!!

    Fischer only played the King's Gambit in a handful of serious games.

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    He opened with the Norwegian in winter Wink

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    also, check out some GM games that played the king's gambit. paul morphy was a god at the opening.

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    Again Reti's book isn't all about openings, he talks about things like start playing 1.e4 and get a sense for the open games, in open games white ussually ends up with a space advantage, then he talks about what the goals of such pawn structures like white pawn on e4, with black pawn on d6 and e5, that can result from a couple different openings, he talks about how to use the space advantage, and the center to attack on the wings when in a closed position. Also gives biographies on the players of old, with Anderson and Morphy, and Stenietz. During those first two chapters he talks about combinations which are tactics combined to get a winning advantage

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    red-lady wrote:

    He opened with the Norwegian in winter 

    I thought the Norwegians were closed all winter?


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    Rulethenight wrote:
    Estragon wrote:
    Rulethenight wrote:

    If Bobby Fischer Always Opened Up With Kings Gambit .. It Must Be The Best Opening In Chess!!!!

    Fischer only played the King's Gambit in a handful of serious games.

    Oh I Didn't Know That... Thought he Did That Opening Evertime He Played!

    No, but he definitely preferred 1. e4 as an opening move - so much so that it came as quite a shock when he played 1. d4 in his World Championship match with Spassky.

    By The Way, Unless You're A Golem It Is Not Necessary To Begin Every Word With A Capital Letter. Cool

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    Rulethenight wrote

    Sudden You Seem To Know Your Chess! :)

    I am getting the examples from the book, along with HTRYC. My problem is executing the ideas in an actual game.


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