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The Fantasy Variation

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    Right, black ought not take the piece there... Another line is (I believe) 6... Ne7

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    Caro kann is my main weapon against e4. I have played quite a few games with it and won, but opening up the game too early in the center is a counter productive measure when truly this defense suits a bit more positional finesse and endgame players. If white plays the fantasy with 3.f3, the most solid response in my opinion is 3....e6. Perhaps a more aggressive defense should be used if swashbuckling is your style.

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    pfren wrote:
    Yohan_Saboba wrote:

    By the way, one of the correct move choices for Black after 3... dxe4 4. fxe4 e5 5. Nf3 is likely 5... Be6. 

    Not bothered to watch the Shankland video, it seems. While it's aimed at post-newbies, which is a click above your level, still it's quite easy to follow.


    For two months I've played the Caro Kann exclusively in response to e4.  I think it's a solid opening.  In all of that time, none of my oponents has initiated the "fantasy opening."  Frankly, I wouldn't remember what to do if they did despite watching the majority of Shankland's series on the Caro Kann.  At my level, the fantasy opening is just too obscure to memorize.

    But, to make another point (also at my level), Shanklands "comprehensive" video tutorial on the Caro Kann is almost completely useless to me.  His style of speaking is engaging, and I have 100% confidence that he knows exactly what he's talking about, but he simply goes way to fast. 

    Having read other posts by IM pfren, I get the idea that he has a keen scientific mind.  But, beware the scientist who thinks his mind is well constructed for teaching.  Some would consider his replies to Yohan as "constructive criticism," but, unfortunately, they come across as somewhat rude, or even hostile.  I would refer those with a differing opinion to read Randy Olson's Don't Be Such a Scientist.

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    I have played the fantasy occasioanlly, I hate it when black replies 3..e6 as I don't know what to do with the pawn on f3.

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    Another idea is to play 3. .. e5. 4.dxe5 Bc5 5. Nc3 (the best) Qb6 6. Na4 Qa5+ 7.c3 Bxg1 8. Rxg1 Nd7 (threating b5) or dxe4. White has some problems, because black develops quick, and the white figures don't work together.

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    positions are not easy to play or equalize.  plus you can find lots of fun ideas.  here's some quick AN I did.  and yes i've seen shankland videos but white has other ideas too [and better ones than playing the B to c4], playing against d6, bolstering d4 and developing the bishop to e2 to free the f3 knight.


    there's a lot of room for creative potential too, obviously. e.g. playing nh3 to cover f2 and induce black to give up his light squared bishop thus freeing up white's light squares... many possibilities and undiscovered ones too.  objectively 3...e6 is probably the most solid but ....de and qb6 and e5 probably yield the best practical results b/c black gets some play if white is more clueless.

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    jurassicmark hat geschrieben:
    pfren wrote:
    Yohan_Saboba wrote:

    By the way, one of the correct move choices for Black after 3... dxe4 4. fxe4 e5 5. Nf3 is likely 5... Be6. 

    There is another move: 5.  Bg4 (see Gallagher - Brunner in 2000 of 2001) In this line black has more active conterplay than with Be6, beaucse with Bh5 the attack against f7 did not work. In the line with Be6 black has to defend e5 for every price and a long time.
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    FirebrandX wrote:

    Pfren wasn't insulting anybody. It's funny how people take great offense to when somebody explains how patently wrong their presentation was. He's trying to help you and clue you in. Instead of arguing from a pride-hurt standpoint, you should take to heart that he knows what he's talking about. Do a little research and post sequences that are not based on blunders, and you'll get less criticism over it.

    Anyway, I play the same line as GM Shankland does, and found the game to be quite enjoyable for black. It often comes as a shock to the players I face in blitz, where they soon realize the hope for black not knowing what to do is dashed, and they are left not knowing what to do themselves. I can always tell that moment in blitz because there is this pause as white is scratching his head and thinking "Darn... What do I do now?"

    BTW, it doesn't matter if you're not a diamond member. All you do is pay a sub for a month and that is easily fixed. Then you can watch all the vids the site has to offer.

    Technicaly, he is NOT insulting anyone. He is sharing his opinion! No need to get offended!

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    Man, smoke, thanks for reviving an outdated, 11-month-dead forum thread!

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    Yohan_Saboba wrote:

    Man, smoke, thanks for reviving an outdated, 11-month-dead forum thread!

    And why the heck did he quote me? He's saying the same thing I am.

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    Fantasy is the best..


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