The French Defence




Starting Position: Example #1

1. e4 e6
Now in Example #1, this opening is called the French Defence. There are some weaknesses to this opening, but you can confuse your opponents with. This is not an extremly hard opening to learn. In your games, if you want to play a nice and easy game, then I would reccomend the French Defence. Now, let's get to the point. Example 2#
2. d4
It is highly likely your opponents will play 2. d4 taking control of the centre, but they could also play 2. Nc3 or 2.Nf3, but for now, those moves don't matter. Because, then you can just play 2.d5 and you can play on from there. Example 3#
2. d5
The Exchange Variation
Now if they play 3. exd5 exd5 this line isn't to hard. I will put some commentary in Example 4#
Sorry, I couldn't get the board on here, so use a board for this. Look at my comment below


So the 4 rules are

Step 1. Only Develop all your queenside pieces, so that the rook and the king is clear







Step 2. Castle on the Queenside

Step 3. Develop your 2 kingside pieces. 

Step 4. Play Rfe8

And you have a very comfortable position. 

The Tarrasch variation

3. Nd2 is the Tarrasch, but it is highly unlikely they will play this, and you play this like your opponent played the Advance (Read Below)

The Main Line, The French Advance Variation

Here we are, the Main Line. 

So, you have learned the basic ideas of the French Defence! I hope you enjoyed this. Comments would be aprreciated

Well explained for I am seeking a good solid positions against e4.

Good job !




What about the main move 3.Nc3?


Against Nc3, try 3..Nf6 4.e5 nfd7 5.f4 c5 6. Nf3 Nc6 and try a6-b5-bb7

I mean there are a gazillion tries vs the steinitz so....

And vs 4.Bg5 the most solid choice is Be7 with bb4 being the super sharp contination


My preference is currently the Winawer, but the Classical is arguably a more solid choice. It was just funny to me he omitted all mention of the main line 3.Nc3 and portrayed the Tarrasch as a rare line you can play like the Advance. However, I suppose that's how it is at lower levels. I can't think of a player under 1600 who has played either 3.Nc3 or 3.Nd2 against me, yet these are the main moves at master level. At class level, it seems nearly everyone plays the Exchange or the Advance (which is great for Black players).


Here is a link to the FRENCH Themed Tournament #2

This is the second French Theme tournament after a successful turnout. It will be a recurring tournament for French enthusiasts.

For information and the most awesome videos on how to play the French visit Simon Williams vids: simon loves the french


In the diagram 6re1 isn't a great move. 6d4xc5 or 6na3 then live isn't so easy for black.