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The Fried Fox Attack 1.f3 2.Kf2

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    I think people play f3 to avoid the conclusion that there are people better in chess than they are. In their mind (and often in chat as well) they say "Yeah I lost but only because i played 1. f3. With a normal opening i would beat you easy"

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    Play the opening before you judge it. People dismiss it (as it defies standard opening theories) without giving it it's due consideration.

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    I play this all the time but only against players rated +50 or below my rating. Against tougher players I will play only 1. f3 and then try to choose modern moves after that.

    1. f3 2. Kf2 is very old opening, before castling was added to the game. The purpose of Kf2 is to begin the move to safety for the King and get the King out of the way of the rook, which wants to be on center squares. But now that we can castle, 2. Kf2 is seldom played anymore, and all the theory that went with the opening has been lost in the ages.

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    When was castling instated ?....and was Queenside castling instated at the same time ?....Help Batgirl, help !!

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    Castling came about as people became more serious about the game. There was a desire to make it last longer. In the old times, early attacks against the King resulted in shorter games. With castling, games lasted longer. The Italians can be credited with the innovation and it happened in 13th century AD.

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    My game.

    Time: 40 moves/1,5h + 0,5h + 30sec. increments from one move. 


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    Rutra, this is not the "Fried Fox"; this is the "Hammserschlag".

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    A 1850-1900 type player I know played this in a tournament game recently. He drew a 1700.

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    This is Gedult's opening. 3. ...Be7 is novetly.

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    No Sir, Gedult's is 1. f3. This is properly known as Tio's Defense, after the King's magician, who had much success defeating others in court. He like to brag that his opening was the best, so I used to hypnotise Tio to make him blunder. I won much gold from him that way. When the cardinals of chess gathered in Venice at their convention, they decided to rebuke Tio by implementing the castling rule.

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    Nuff said

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    checkmmm8, that is actually the Hammerschlag.

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    Lokaz wrote:
    knightassassin wrote:
    It's not that horrible of an opening and was played in a British championship by IM Simon Williams.

     To add to this, Simon Williams also won that game, although it was most likely from a slightly worse position.

    That guy is great. He plays the craziest stuff.

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    I just tried it in a bullet game, and got an easy checkmate. I like it. ;)

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    Bad openings are played mainly for fun... There are bad openings and BAAD openings... this looks BAAD but it's merely bad... grin.png

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    But seriously, in this opening, White gives up the initiative, but if the game develops into a closed positional game, then it's equal, and the BEST player will win.  

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    ive won a game with f3 and b3 in daily chess.and played many blitz with 1 f3 barnes opening.only play this if your a crazy person slash player ....muhahahaha

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    I like the following:


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    LOL. The Fried Fox Defense is much more suitable. A grandmaster has used it in play before. Why not rated games, put them to the test.

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