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The Queenside Fried Liver

  • #21

    My knowledge of the theory suggests that 3. ... Bf5 solves blacks problems by giving a reverse Guioco Piano. Maybe 3. Bg5, flipped Spanish, is also good.Cool

  • #22

    Yes Yavuz, but with Bf5, White can still go ahead with Nb5, as there is no queen attacking the knight, one of the infinite beauties of this opening. It seems like no one has been able to find a proper refutation for this opening, as it is unstoppable. This opening is also the only one in chess, as backed by an IM, to cause the death of an opponent due to its awesomeness. I would highly recommend this opening to players of all levels, as it causes an almost instantaneous win for white.

  • #23

    so I sugest the flipped Evan's Gambit 4. g4 !

  • #24

    jetfighter, why gambit away a pawn when the qsfl (queen side fried liver) can gain you a pawn instantly, or even a rook?

  • #25

    because then you will want to play actively plus any sensable Black player will see this and relize that you are a patzer, plus now you can get away with a move as rediculous as f3

  • #26

    yeah its not hard for a half decent black player to defend this oppening, people try this on here all the time to no avail.

  • #27

    There's no use in doing a reverse evan's gambit, by the time they've done bf5 you can play nb5 and win a pawn, rook, or force their knight to a terrible a6 square. Also, f3 just hinders the development of white's knight, and possibly its queen, as qf3 eyes the d5 square along with b7.

  • #28

    ever consider that this opening is a joke, lol, also I have no like for d4 plus actually look at some of my games, does that look like a total patzer to you,(yes I still make horrid Blunders, the only differance is that I make more than most, and I can hold my own against much stronger opposition)

  • #29

    or maybe my comment was a joke

  • #30

    i don't think anyone would be dumb enough to fall for this stupid trap. also, if this opening was so good, why don't gms do this every game?Because it's not a good opening!!!!!!!!!

  • #31

    Gms switch up their openings every game and plenty of people fall for this trap and even if they dont whites position is much better than blacks. But based on your rating i would say you dont think a better position means anything.

  • #32

    I would say that any d4 player should not be looking for tactics, instead he should be looking to bore his opponent to death, not win

  • #33

    Of course it's a joke, nothing is better than the Bongcloud!

  • #34

    Now if I just knew what the bongcloud is I would be all set!!!

  • #35

    Bongcloud: 1 e4 e5 2 Ke2, definetly more intimidation factor, but less dangerous and not known to cause death of the opponent. And this isn't completely for beginners, there are good aspects, after d4 d5 nc3 nf6 bf4 nc6?, there's not much that black can do. If they don't get forked, they still will have to forfeit a pawn after nb5. It's such a wonderful opening, so much power. This might even be able to best the Parham Attack, (Matrix System).

  • #36

    whatupyodog, my rating is so low because i listen to lectures and read articles when i play chess online. my uscf rating is 1733 . you're rating isn't too impressive either

  • #37

    wuhw my rating isnt impressive because i dont play chess on this site i only use to find great openings like this one in forums and my uscf is 1978. It was only 1923 before i started playing this opening though. Ive said it before and ill say it again, this opening is the key to becoming a GM.

  • #38

    at the 1900 level you need to start looking at how to attack doubled, backward, and isolated pawns along with trying to squeeze your opponent to death

  • #39

    At your level you need to work on not criticizing better players and start learning better openings such as the queenside fried liver or the parham attack.

  • #40

    I happen to be quite happy with 1. e4 and the KG. much more naturual, and I am looking to have fun, not bore myself to death, yes I want to get good, but what is the point when you are dead because you don't have a certain level of excitement in the game


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