The Queenside Fried Liver

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    It's pretty obvious jetfighter... Moving the f-pawn opens up your kingside, the queenside fried liver wins you a pawn or position... Not that hard to see.

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    yes, but just because it opens up the position doesn't mean it is bad, and with the dutch, white can't capitalize on the move because it was d4 that was played, not e4, plus, if prepared for correctly the QSFL looses a knight for a pawn

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    Only a complete dummy novice would lose a knight for a pawn in the qsfl. If the fork is blocked white can easily cripple blacks position.

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    the queenside fried liver is based on the assumption that the black player thinks he is playing checkers!

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    aljay, you are obviously not very good and suck at comedy also. Your comments bashing this opening will be completely disregarded judging by how dumb you are. No opening will help you and you are taking it out on one of the greatest openings of all time. As for you AdvLegitimate, if you have found a good defense for black please show me although i doubt you have.

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    Well aljay advises against opening games for beginners so we know he probably has no clue what he is talking about. Let me make a board to show you...

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    honestly i cant tell if your trolling or actually belive this to be a reputable oppening either way dumb, i told you before there are many defences to this oppening its ok if it works still not great but you would have to be playing a very bad player for it to work, and gavinator you obviously dont understand english very well if you think i advise begginers against open games, i said it was irrisponsible to force begginers into that mould of play if it clashes with their personality they should play according to their personality weather it be and open or possitional game.

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    aljay most of that comment will be disregarded but I dont have a clue what you mean when you say this opening is not great ifit works, you go up a rook, pawn, and have better piece development.

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    @AdvLegitimate that's the same idea i play against those london themed oppenings.

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    advlegitimate a3 and blacks position is garbage so once again white always comes out better with this opening.

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    theres no way you would win a rook if you got your knight to b5 even if you did win the pawn whit is over extended and black can generate good counterplay.

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    aljay, we all know you would get dominated by anyone decent who played this opening within 20 moves. It is just unstoppable.

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    ok set up a game and ill play you then and you can post it here

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    adv, play nc3 first. so then after nf6 bf4 c6, black's knight can't develop to its most natural square while white's position is open and preparing to castle.

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    white still has a3, b4, b5

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    this idea also fails against the KID

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    Queenside fried liver?  I thought that was a restaurant Tongue out

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    This tactic is shockingly good. The only thing that even comes close to the greatness of the QSFL is Schollar's Mate.

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