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The Ruy Lopez position

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    I like the Ruy Lopez a lot.It is a fun position.

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    This is my first position!

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    I love this position!

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    But it lasts for just a second. Then your opponent messes it all up! Frown

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    It does?

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    yeah boy it does ! lol

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    But that is good so I can win.Right?

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    Well yeah if you play it right. 

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    The vast volume of material after that point is about half a volume of ECO.

    The actual "starting position" of the main line starts on move 9

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    Ah ha.I see.

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    But to get to that position, you have to navigate tons of other options. If you learn this opening, you'll be on the way to a much deeper understanding of the game.


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    Yeah.I have done the opening.It is fun opening.

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    I would go for the Zaitzev variation or the Marshall attack. I would mess up your Ruy Lopez Poony. Black pieces spoken. At white Id go for the exchange variation. Never happens cos Im a d4 player

  • #15

    The last word is yet to be said on this opening.

  • #16

    poony wrote:

    I love this position!


    Do you know the real reason why White plays 3.Bb5?

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    transpo wrote:

    poony wrote:

    I love this position!



    Do you know the real reason why White plays 3.Bb5?

    I'm not poony, but i think the primal reason was the Bb5 to be exchanged with the Nc6, so that the Nf3 can take the e5 pawn. But Black can handle this...

  • #18

    Which, of course, is why the threat is really for real after White castles and plays Re1. Then Black is forced more or less to play b5 and chase off the Bishop etc...etc...

  • #19

    One of the real reasons White plays 3. Bb5 is that it restricts [to some extent] Black's moves.  

    Also, White should play 3. Bb5 in the Ruy because if he doesn't it would no longer be called "The Ruy Lopez"

  • #20

    I guess that's one way to avoid the Two Knights! Laughing


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