The Sicilian


Hello! I really like the Sicilian defense ( closed, open,etc...) and I was wanting to know if any one knew of or knew where I could find some traps that I could do from the Sicilian. Thanks!


Sicilian defense, a defense opening move by Black not more on attack. Anyway, these are the example traps, you can trap some pieces or fork, maybe some idea in checkmate.    
















is anyone who can make immortal game


I usually play the Dragon Sicilian, but I've been looking at the Sicilian Najdorf and I really like the principles behind it. I am deeply considering making a switch from the Dragon to the Najdorf. Does any one know if the Najdorf is better than hte Dragon? Because I really dont want to let go of the Fianchettoed Bishop, but I like the a6 pawn push. Thanks!
I, too, am looking at trying the Najdorf having been a French defense player for many years. An invaluable book I have had and not used until recently is John Nunn's Najdorf for the Tournament Player. My copy may be dated  (1988) but the style and the author's understanding of the opening is impressive.
Thanks everyone! Will do!
the sicilian rocks!! i use dragon..partially, it's not always a good idea to use variations mainly because u have to follow them by the book. the najdorf is very complex, i wouldn't recomend it if u don't know it completely
  Try a Mix of the two in positions and see what you come up with!

I love it