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The Traxler Counterattack ALWAYS WINS!

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    In all variations, white gets mated, or EASILY loses. In some variations, after ke2, the king ends up getting mated on the back rank or in the center!

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    Have you considered 5 Bxf7+
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    Yes, Bf7 isn't great cause after kf8, White will have to end u retreating eventually, and after nf7, the black can do the traxler attack, BxF2+ and have an even greater tempo.

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    Any new analysis ?!? So far, it was shown that 5. Nxf7 leads to a tricky draw.

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    No it just always wins. It just does.  Even though it doesn't, it does.

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    The traxler counterattackisn't as clear cut as you think. White can hold and/or win.

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    Give me a variation! I'll show u how it's winning for black.

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    president_max wrote:

    No it just always wins. It just does.  Even though it doesn't, it does.


    LMAO Unbeatable argument! grin.png

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    White CANNOT win. There's a game between 2 experts where black HAD a mate 3 SEPARATE Times, but MISSED ALL 3, so white ended up winning after a REALLY COOL GAME. I'll post it tomorrow. Look up "the craziest chess game ever" with a GM analyzing it on youtube.

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    I don't know everything about Bxf7+, but NxF7 is a guaranteed loss for white after Bc5.

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    Now we have a guarantee to boot.  Next could we have an underwriter?

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    Black should have played ne4+ after kxf2. that would win easily. major mistake

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     Ninov - Marzolo

    10... Ne4+ 11.Kf1 +- how should Black win here? Variations please.

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    Sorry i meant 10... Ne4+ 11.Kg1 of course.

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    Here's the king e2 variation:

    In virtually all possible moves, white gets mated or gets destroyed.


    Hers'e the f1 variations:

    If kxf2...


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