Thoughts on Sicilian New Grand Prix Attack 1e4 c5 2 Be2



Sorry then for wasting your time, lol...

You were probably wondering why I responded. 

But hopefully even so you got some information/knowledge out of this. But even so, I do think Closed Sicilain is fine in pretty much any situation, whether you want a win or draw, in any time format, or if you are facing a higher or lower rated players. I think it is one of those few openings that has those balanced characteristics without being a seemingly balanced opening from looks if you know what I mean.

If you are interested, then nice! If not, I am sure there are other openings that are better for your style, but the closed Sicilian, and specifically the Grand Prix attack is good, but the only problem that I found is that again if something is loose in the position and the position falls then it is hard to recover such in a closed and highly positionally aware game that required attention to detail. Other than that you will be good to go in my opinion for the closed Sicilian.

Honestly that could go for many closed positions but requires a combination of patience, good positional play, awareness, good planning and being good at improvising.


I mean idk, I really liked the way GingerGM broke it down in his video, perhaps I'll play a couple of more blitz games and see what happens. Or maybe I could just cycle between the two , closed and Grand Prix. I like the sound of that also. Actually @TeacherOfPain would you happen to know of any good channels or resources where I could learn more about the Grand Prix?


basically 2 be2 lines suggested by gm simon williams is a reversed classical dutch which could be argued an improved version because you have e4 in so early because you're white. supposed to work against any setup chosen by black.  one of the drawbacks is you can't advantageously avoid the endgame after ..d5, and dxe4, so if you like playing with the queen then this might not appeal to you. i think most will head for the endgame though since allowing the typical idea qe1-h4, f5, bh6 ng5 is not a good practical choice for black even if he can defend.

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XxDarkKnight402xX wrote:

So like this, or something like this

that's basically a slightly inferior version of the "big clamp" because the bishop on e2 is probably better off not existing. Here's the big clamp.


Actually, u show a closed sicilian (defined by Nc3-g3), while the Big Clamp is defined by d3-Be2...

The big clamp is quite respectable and as many openings, white shouldn't play automatically but has to adjust according black set up.

Sometimes going for Grand Prix Attack mode with Qe1-Qh4-f5-Bh6-Ng5, sometimes with erecting a strong centre with c3-d4...


Bishop opening turned around this spectacular match 



Yeah sure you can go on or chessnetwork, perhaps even Agadmator has some games on the Grand prix attack, I know he has some on the closed sicilian.

Among this there are many resources I suggest you use youtube for the videos...

Hopefully this was helpful, however I don't use to many resources for chess out of youtube so sorry for the small repitoire(even if I might say out of chess terms, lol)  


@TeacherOfPain no problem at all, this is helpful info and will definitely check it out!


sounds good!


maybe the engines have been able to show something in the 4 bb5+ lines or at least discouraged black from having to work hard at memorizing all the complications there that  you don't have to do if you just play some other non-confrontational setup like 2..g6 or so.