Urusov Gambit

Hello Everyone. This is a gambit called the Urusov Gambit. Tell me what you think of the video and the gambit itself. Also let me know if you are familiar with this gambit/have used it before.

Hello, I enjoyed the presentation for a couple of minutes but then I realised there's something I didn't understand. So I stopped the video and looked at
3. ...Nxe4 4. de ...Nc6 5. Qd5
and I realised that black has Ng5 and after
Bxg5 ...Qxg5 Qxf7+ Kd8
black looks better. Maybe black is winning, so on with the video. Pity I don't play 1. e4.


Good stuff, BUT I thought the Urusov was 3.nf3? This 3.d4 is showing up as the “ponanzi” gambit. As a weak 2...nf3 player I can say that I have never had anyone play this against me, SO I am happy you made this video as I did learn from it!! Without this vid I woulda spent much time on how to respond to 3.d4. Thank you. 


Your welcome. It is considered the Urusov gambit too