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weird openings to confuse people

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    I really like Alekhine's defence as there's a surprising number of people that don't know the best way to chase the knights around without overextending and getting pawns lopped off. If they do make it through the minefield then I'm comfortable enough with the common opening positions that I normally have the edge. If they don't take the bait then it generally ends up in a Vienna style position after 2.Nc3 e5 which is my opening of choice as white, so again very comfortable (since I know what I don't like to see coming at me from the other side of the table). Mostly I just find that meeting 1 e4 with Nf6 is a great way to start the game on my terms.

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    here another one

    I used it in live chess a few times and it works fine

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    I realized a problem in the post i just made

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    wow... that was weird..

    Ponziani is a solid opening that most people don't study


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