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What are some good openings to keep in the back of my head?

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    Post your favorite opening, odd opening, any opening you want to help the people here

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    Openings are usually better if they are kept in the front or side of

    the head.

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    Parham Attack and Queenside Fried Liver

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    the gavinator i copletely agree those openinga are completely unstoppable

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    Blindside- that one surpassed me, that is right up there with the other two.

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    You want to avoid the more primitive parts of the brain, though that would be where the Kings & Evans Gambits are stored.

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    spudnik, word

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    Primitive is fun!

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    King's Gambit and Evan's Gambit are both good fun openings that require vigorous play, which I messed up in getting in our game vs. the OP (please don't analyse here as the game is still in progress.) Both have lots of history behind them and will make sure you are good with tactics.

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    as a beginner the Spanish (Ruy Lopez) was always kind of reliable for me; easy to remember and study; also the Italian. 

    Beardogjones- thanks I tried keeping them in the front of my head and it works great!! - there's lots of open space there

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    The Ruy is... Solid. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner. The Ruy gets closed games where you're not doing much. Beginners should play something like the Italian game, nice and open, let's them castle, then get to the midgame. Then they can start making mistakes, and learning from them, and getting better.

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    Gavinator- i think u r right; Italian is more manageable for beginners

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    definately the italian for people around my rating, and to teach active play gambits should be encouraged.

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    whatupyodog2 wrote:

    To answer OP parham is definately best.


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    Danish Gambit.


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