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What is your favorite opening?

  • #81

    The english

    Against e4, the sicilian schevenigen.

    against d4, the the KID or the chigorin

  • #82

    white: queens gambit, trompowsky, evans gambit

    black:caro kann, kings indian,latvian gambit

  • #83

    My two favorite openings are the Ponziani and the Center Counter with this line 1. e4  d5  2. exd5  Qxd5.  Also like Bb5 vs many Sicilian lines.

  • #84

    Hey! Chess master! I like scholars mate too.

  • #85

    I'm a fan of the English game for white and French for black.  Very European for an American.

  • #86

    Scholar'a mate is not an opening?

  • #87

    To play against?  The gay retard opening, which comes out of the Grob:

    1.g4,e5 2.Nh3,d5 3.f3.  That's the transposition, the typical move order is 1.g4,d5 2.f3,e5 3.Nh3

    My friend invented the system after I fool's mated him, because he just HAD to have that atrocious pawn structure lol! 

  • #88

    WHY OH WHY should someone not take the queen at the game of post #81 am i missing sth????

  • #89

    The 3.Bc4 version of the King's Gambit (instead of the much more common 3.Nf3). It can transpose into standard lines found in the Vienna and 'normal' King's Gambit, but it has many lines that are uniquely its own. It can get very messy, which I like. And the white K, especially when black plays 3... Qh4+, can become very exposed, yet paradoxically very safe. Its a lot of fun to play if you like wild lines that are very unbalanced.

  • #90

    My favourite endgame is this:

    Oh wait, you asked for openings? Maybe the ruy lopez, I have a +10 score with no loses after something like 16 games.


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