what opening should I play with white?🤔

I’m trying to improve my game with white, but with me spending most my time with black I’m not sure about it
For me I started with c4 (only briefly) then I main d4 (into sometimes London but mostly queens gambit declined and perhaps Catalan) but my current is now e4 and sometimes c4 now as I have a better understanding now and also know many of black’s choices as I studied on black’s responses for e4 and d4 when I wanted to train my black side response. With more focus on e4 as there are many responses to what I could do and what they could do.
Although best to have at least a few lines in each black’s response so that you know which one you like, like e4 e4 then you could go ruy lopez or Italian as your main opening. Or closed Sicilian against c5
Kings gambit

London sistem


I definitely think that e4-e5 , Nf3 -Nf6, Bb5-Nf6 ,BxN-dxc6 ,Nxe5-Nxe6,Qe2.....


I definitely think that e4-e5 followed by Nf3-Nc6,Bb5-Nf6, B

Play 1.a3 and tada, you are playing black now(a3 is so useful, it allowed me to di many tactics without being afraid of Nb4s or Qa5 checks

👽 It won't matter if you play a lot of Aliens here 👽


It doesn't matter. Even if there is a difference between openings, it's very small. Play whatever you like.



"me spending most my time with black" ++ That is the right thing to do. Black is more critical than white.
As white you could open 1 a3 as @9 suggested and as Anderssen used to play, but you can also play a reverse system and try to make better use of your extra tempo than with 1 a3.
Imagine black has magically opened 0...e5 or 0...d5 and you respond to it with white as if you were black.

If you play the Sicilian Defence 1 e4 c5, then open with the English 1 c4.
If you play the Kings Indian Defence 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 as black,
then open 1 Nf3 2 g3 3 Bg2 as white.
If you play the Caro Kann 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 or the Slav Defence 1 d4 d5 2 c4 c6 as black,
then open with the London System 1 d4 Bf4 as white.
If you play the Dutch Defence 1 d4 f5 as black, then use the Bird Opening 1 f4 as white.

The benefit is that you do not have to put effort in your white play and the experience you gain with positions as black does double duty if you play white and the experience you gain as white does double duty it you play black.

What's your game style?

My game style is “Try and not lose” but I fail at it a lot