What's the best chess opening?


Are some openings better than others?


Yes for sure. Top of the list are the Bongcloud and the Grob.




Jk Jk they're not. Try system openings- London System etc!


Okay xD


Do not listen to any of the advice from posts 2 and 4.


Are there openings that are better than others?  Yes.  Of course!


White - 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4, or 1.Nf3 are stronger than the other 16 options.  Does not mean the other 16 are crap, but they are weaker.


Black vs e4 - Best are 1...e5, 1...e6, 1...c5, or 1...c6.  These are theoretically better than the other 16 responses.  Which is best of those 4 is whichever one you understand the positions that result best.  For me, that's 1...e6, but for someone else, it might be 1...c5, or 1...e5.  Anyone that argues that any one of those four is bad is telling you utter bulls**t!


Black vs d4 - While the Grunfeld, Nimzo-Indian, Slav, and Semi-Slav are fully sound, and POSSIBLY the King's Indian and Dutch, the best is to keep it simple against 1.d4 and to play the Queen's Gambit Declined.  Learning this opening, and the opening as a whole, not just the "White side" or "Black side", will take you a long way to learning positional play.  It is also fully sound, and as you try to play other openings, if you ever find yourself slumping, you always have a spot to fall back on, the QGD!






As a beginner, try out all sorts of openings and figure out which one you like most! Find out why you enjoy those openings and find openings similar to them and you will have a good time!


Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack

Sicilian Najdorf Main Line

Nimzo Indian Normal

Queen's Indian Defense

Catalan Opening

French Winawer




That's dependent on your style of play. It's always recommended to play principled openings, but a grandmaster can do otherwise. Nonetheless, here are 13 most important chess openings for serious players:

  1. Italian Game
  2. Ruy Lopez
  3. Nimzo Indian
  4. Sicilian Defense
  5. French Defense
  6. Caro-Kann Defense
  7. Pirc Defense
  8. English Opening
  9. Alekhine Defense
  10. Queen's Gambit 
  11. Modern Defense
  12. King's Indian Defense
  13. King's Indian Attack

You can see each opening plans and strategies here>> Top 13 Best Chess Openings