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Whats the best strategy in chess?

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    Black... f2!!

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    i like -waller-'s answer the best

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    I'm not an expert and every time I've played was without a time limit for move, but for me is to induce your oponent in error. Show him one game and do another Cool

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    Have chess engine wired to a receiver in your ear,or someday have chess engine implanted in your brain 😀

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    1. Use chess principles

    2. Have a plan

    3. Trade when you're up

    4. Don't trade when you're down

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    KiwiJuise wrote:

    Attack the f7 square.

    You may be wondering, what if I am playing black?

    Simple. Don't play black.

    Unfortunately, this isn't always possible, especially if you are a serious player. Attack the f2 square obviously, and try and stop them from attacking f7. As white try and stop black from castling

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    Whats the best strategy in chess?

    In the opening use your opening principles {control the center (d4,d5,e4,e5) develop pieces} within 6 -10 moves the pawn formation/structure will assume 1 of 6 characteristic pawn formation/structure. Play the moves from that point forward that the pawn strUcture dictates. To learn how to play those 6 characteristic pawn structures get, "Pawn Power In Chess", by Hans Kmoch. The 6 pawn structures can be found on pg. 107 of that book.

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    Thats easy,if you're winning just keep winning. If you're losing,then start winning! If you can't then fake heart attack!

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    to remain unbeaten, don't play

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    Most people generally go for the strategy of winning, although some prefer to ghet their king to the otheir side man.

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    To win at chess, you must out-score your opponent.

    To score, you will need to move your pieces accross the board.

    Giving 110% is no longer considered enough -- the new requirement (thanks to American Idol) is now 1000%.

    And never forget: the taller the chess piece, the more valuable it is.

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    ChessSlimShady escribió:

    1. Use chess principles

    2. Have a plan

    3. Trade when you're up

    4. Don't trade when you're down

    Chess principles don't actually exist. Not all trades are positive when you are up. Imaigne a bishop pair (2 pawns up) vs light squared bishop + knight. Trading your light squared bishop for his knight is probably leading to a draw

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    to put a computer chip in ur brain.


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