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What's your favorite response to 1.d4?

  • #41

    Dutch is better because after I won 1600 rating I'm only 1000

  • #42

    I like to play e5. It has interesting options for black.

    If the white player is weak, he will be in trouble already in the 5th move. And if he is really very very weak, he will lose the game in about 8 moves.


    If white plays correctly, its position will be better than black's. But he will not have a huge advantage either.

  • #43

    BANGA! BANGA! BANGA! THE DUTCH DEFENSE!...without these defense (which in my opinion is the best response to 1.d4) I would'nt have made it to 1700+ it was'nt for it (or 1.c4/1.Nf3...which will end up transposing to 2.d4 .../3.d4 .../4.d4 ... or a bit later d4). Oh Yeah it's better than the KID in my opinion!


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