White Or Black

Chuck639 wrote:

On second thought, bishop takes knight and the game is equalized for black and we go into a queen less middle game. 


Black is much worse if he picks that approach: He is saddled with many weaknesses at the dark squares, which are not balanced by the doubled c-pawns.


White is better, but black should be able to defend. 

tygxc wrote:

White is better, but black should be able to defend. 

11.Bd4 is an OK move, but not the most testing.

Either 11.Kb1 - suggested by Negi, and threatening the not-so-subtle Nxb5, or 11.Qe1 (also threatening that Nxb5 stuff), which is played more frequently by a big margin, are the most annoying moves.



Typical modern computer-aided opening play: Pavlidis in his otherwise excellent Taimanov book offers all that up to 25...Qa5, but misses 26.Be2! (admittedly only retarded silicon brains would consider playing this in place of the obvious 26.Ra1) after which Black is in deep trouble.

Of course in practical play this position should be labelled as "very complicated" and someone may still want to play it as Black, but it's really not my cup of tea.