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why should you play 1...Na6 against 1.e4 ???

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    Let´s talk about this guys,   i was reviewing my database of 5.180.337 games,  and what see my eyes,   1...Na6  is less popular than sicilian, karokan, french,  klassic e5... of course u know that ,  but ¿ why should you play 1...Na6 against 1.e4¿?


    1 -  it has the best win-loss balance W44%-L56%  ,  it´s the best balance in the entire opening theory against 1.e4

    2 -  it´s not very popular, u can surprise ur opponent.

    3 -  i´ts flexible, u can transpose to modern lines or u can keep the spirit of 1...Na6

    4 -  You can trollin to your friends of the club or your chess professor. 

    and you , wat do you zink?   

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    Simply hoping for Bxa6, otherwise the move makes little sense.

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    so long as the next move for black is nh6 to keep the symmetry on the black side which then whites best is probably resigns to go get some beers and a burger

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    New debate : is this ...Na6 thing better or worse than the Latvian? Laughing

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    if it against opening fundamental, sure it is a bad move indeed

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    Why would you play that move? After 2. d4 white has an excellent position, and your move did nothing to fight against white's center control. Statistics mean nothing, if there is say 3 games in that line and all is won by black that shows 100%, no matter even if it was won by Carlsen against a beginner.

    Maybe there is a chance that you can tranfer it to a d4 position after say e4-Na6 d4-c5, but even in that case white can go for a sicilian defence. 

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    This move has been played with difference sequence this year.  It is call Lemm.....(forgot the name) Defence.  


    Oh yeah i forgot to mention, it can tranpose into caro-kann defence

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    In some cases , you need to control both c5(pawn push) and b4(fock or kick white's bishop), Na6 is a good move.

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    What? I must have fallen asleep at the keyboard and having a nightmare or daymare.

    The nature of e4 is a fast attack with quick development. I saw this in a game and it ended badly. I was wondering where the player got this bad insight to playing chess. I know have to apologize to the parrot and bring him his favorite treat so we can get along again.

    Even the cat in the pics you see them playing chess do not move Na6.

  • #10

    To answer the question: to tell the opponent that you are a cocky fool at the expense of losing the game. 

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    Mainline_Novelty wrote:

    New debate : is this ...Na6 thing better or worse than the Latvian? 

    That... is actually a tough question.  At least Na6 doesn't grossly weaken the e8-h5 diagonal and push pawns when piece play (2...Nc6 or if you wanna be a douche 2...Nf6) is called for.  Still, a knight on a6 can be great (I'm looking at you, Leningrad Dutch! :D ) but isn't the optimal square.  White simply plays 1.e4,Na6 2.d4 seizing the center and rapidly developing while black is lagging behind. 

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    Reasons why you shouldn't:

    It doesn't develop the piece to a square that controls the centre

    It means that the knight will need to be re-positioned somewhere, wasting time

    And that should be enough...

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    It's playable, but I think we all know that 1...Na6 2...c6 3...Nc7 4...d5 is a Caro-Kann where you don't need the extra cover. Instead 1...Nh6! 2...f6 3...Nf7 followed by a later e5 makes a lot more sense.


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