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Place bets here on the Chess.com Computer Chess Championship Tournament!

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    The Top-2 engines are Stockfish and Houdini! Congratulations to players with winning bets. See below for winnings.

    The Super-Final start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Bets on the Super-Final must be placed by 7:00 a.m.!!

    Remember in addition to naming the final winner, you should indicate how many games your engine will win as White. For a cost of 1 biscuit, you can also bet that your engine will win at least one game as Black.



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    Stockfish superfinal winner (30 biscuits), also winner of one or more games as Black (15 biscuits).

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    @raisingsun and @mcris: When you bet on the Super-Final you should also say how many games your engine will win as White. If you get that right the payoff is 3-1 (instead of 2-1).

    (The bet is based on the 20 game tournament, and does not include extra games if needed to break a tie).

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    Ok, I put 9 games won as White

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    oh wait 2 white 2 black

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    oh man, to win everyone should put 10 on komodo but I got 9 biscuits

    should had better luck next time


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    If it's not too late I would like to go all in on Stockfish as the final winner. No further bets.

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    @mcris, I got your bet as Stockfish winning, with winning 9 games won as White.

    @Eeyores_Shack, please let me know how many games Stockfish will win as White. That's part of the bet (has a higher payoff than just naming the winner).

    @friedmelon, I will change your bet to Stockfish winning overall, with winning 2 games as White. (That means there will be a lot of draws in the results).

    I have it now as 7:15 Pacific Time, so betting is closed, except for Eeyores_Shack who can declare games won as White (must be in by 9:00 Pacific Time).happy.png

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    Betting is closed. Here are the final bets. Tournament has now started!!!happy.png


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    damm. i am too latefrustrated.png

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    Here's the final results for player's balances:



    First, my previous chart for @friedmelon's balance was wrong. friedmelon bet 5 on SF, and 3 on Shredder, not using 2 biscuits (the only player to not bet all 10 of his biscuits). So his winnings after the qualifying rounds is 5x3 + 2 = 17. He placed two bets on the Super-Final costing 2 biscuits, so his balance was 15 biscuits.

    After the Super-Final, friedmelon bet correctly on the Winner, and games won as White, and that winner would win at least one game as Black, which has a 6-1 payoff! Friedmelon's biscuits increases from 15 to 90!!!

    @Eeyores_Shack bet "all-in" correctly on Super-Final, for a final balance of 88 biscuits.

    @mcris bet 30 on SF, and bet correctly on 1+ games won as Black for a final balance of 88 biscuits.

    @raisingsun bet "all-in" correctly on Super-Final for a final balance of 69 biscuits.

    Eight other gamblers had winning bets on one engine in the qualifying rounds and increased the stash of biscuits.

    Congratulations to friedmelon, Eeyores_Shack, mcris, and raisingsun for thier big wins!happy.png

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    well done to all who betted!

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