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Project Zomboid Tournament Only ! ( Private Tournament )

  • #21

    This conversation is... odd.

  • #22

    cole me on the panny sty my daimes.

  • #23

    No, no, no. Now it is odd... It was merely curious before.

    Has your keyboard broken, good sir? Or has something worked its way loose in your brain - case?

  • #24

    hahaha, I guess there only one way he could understand :


    Brigity ya assy outty ma thread ma goud man

  • #25

    Its like Dick van Dyke has invaded the thread

  • #26

    lmao. it's from a horrible movie called "Pootie Tang". 

  • #27

    haha, okay, Il check the trailer out

  • #28

    Hey Keepbro, I went to check who was Dick Van Dyke and I stumble upon his show called  : "The Dick Van Dyke show" and it just so happens that I think its a pretty good show.....Too bad I cant seem to find no where to download it but thanks for the discovery :{P

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    Project Zomboid:



  • #30

    Please, Area 51 is old history, we deserve to be in Area HC-OO21

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