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  • #1

    I  said I would play unrated players (beginners)  But not fifteen or more all at once.  Please stop the new players I have enough.

  • #2

    You can change the number of new unrated players that you wish to play in your account settings.

  • #3

    I  found out.  Thanks.  I must of had 100 people to play.  Funny now.

  • #4

    Do volunteers always play black? I've just started and have noticed that all my games have had me using the black pieces.

    Anyhoo--it is kind of fun playing stress free games.

  • #5

    Yes, in a greeter game, the greeter will always play black.

  • #6

    Is there not a default upper bound of greeter games that gets set if you don't override it?  If not it might be a good idea.


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