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Aleister Crowley the chessplayer

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    Apparently the notorious occultist was also a very good chessplayer.
    Here is his description of playing JH Blackburne.

    "My one serious worldly ambition had been to become the champion of the world at chess. I had snatched a game from Blackburne in simultaneous play some years before. I was being beaten in the Sicilian defence. The only chance was the sacrifice of a rook. I remember the grand old master coming round to my board and cocking his alcoholized eye cunningly at me. "Hullo," said he, "Morphy come to town again!" I am not coxcomb enough to think that he could not have won the game, even after my brilliancy. I believe that his colossal generosity let me win to encourage a promising youngster."





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    Not a bad game but not a win for Crowley. Either he played Blackburne more than once, or more likely, he was bragging.
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    Crowley an early pioneer of the Taimanov Sicilian.
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    satanist...I won't even view the game.

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    Silman had an article about him on here sometime back

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    I can't find it though so maybe not

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    fewlio wrote:

    satanist...I won't even view the game.

    Then don't view it.  Announcing that you won't view it is not in keeping with your presumably Christian values. 

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    NeilBerm wrote:

    I can't find it though so maybe not

    you'll have to look for it backwards ...

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