Anand - Carlsen


Anand vs. Carlsen ... your opinions? for me it's 100% 0 - 1


Carlsen ftw!


I still think lost of the games will be draws though... :(


I don't know about an easy Carlsen win--he lost two out of three in the last three rounds.  He may not be mature enough mentally, emotionally, whatever, and Anand has proved that he can handle the pressure.  Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for--it may come true."


Carlsen, by a slight margin. He needs to work on his endurance, both psychological and physical. And the openings, of course.


Carlsen, and he will be dominating the chess for 10-15 years.


Money on Carlsen, Heart on Anand


@shyam : ah, the indian sentiments . I dont share the same feel for anand though even though I am indian


Barely we win any event in world championship level, so when we do have a chance , It is impossible not to support them.

But this time I feeel Carlsen is very strong and Anand is more or less past his prime


Actually I feel anand has a big ego and therefore I dont like him much


It is a match. Not a tournament. High rating does not give you a rook handicap. Carlson has to go a long way before laying his hands on the Chess Crown. He is just beginning to learn the Rhymes of Match Play. Anand surely will be the winner. In fact Carl was in disastrous positions in atleast 5 games apart from those he really lost. Bravo Anand.


Carlsen needs more practice, he's a little bit clumsy on his openings..