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Can You Identify Them? A cake if you can!

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    A Pic "joke"  of my Archive...

    They were so young! Can you guess their names. Today all GM,  of the top some, others not so, but are easily recognized if you pay attention to some details, like the chess pieces (ex), the look, etc.

    A cake if anyone can identify all!

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    Cogwhell and can say Yes or no, because if I do the joke loses all fun. I can say that 4,6,12,13, are...very dificult to identify!


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    Okay folks! Wrong Forum for me... Not interesting this post, but I refuse the discussion "ad eternum" about the best chess player ever ( by the way for me is Lasker, and I refuse explain why!), or the misery of modern top players in endings play ( Dvoretsky in "Tragicomedy in the Endgame" explains!). Sorry.

    1- Gata Kamsky

    2-Henrique Mecking

    3-Fabio Caruana

    4-Sergei Tiviakov

    5- Nakamura

    6- Giovanni Vescovi

    7- John Nunn

    8- Vlastimil Hort

    9- Vladimir Akopian

    10 - Vachier Lagrave

    11- Artur Yusupov

    12 - Baraeev and Dreev

    12- Joel Benjamin

    Thanks for those who tried.


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