Candidates Tournament 2024: Who do you support? Who will win?



Qualification method



Ian Nepomniachtchi 2023 World Championship runner-up 33 2769
Nijat Abasov Replacement for Magnus Carlsen who was the winner of the Chess World Cup 2023 28 2641
R Praggnanandhaa Runner-up in the Chess World Cup 2023 18 2743 
Fabiano Caruana Third place in the Chess World Cup 2023 31 2804 
Vidit Gujrathi Winner of the FIDE Grand Swiss tournament 29 2742 
Hikaru Nakamura Runner-up in the FIDE Grand Swiss tournament 36 2788 
Gukesh D Runner-up in the 2023 FIDE Circuit (Caruana finished first but is already invited) 17 2725 
Alireza Firouzja Highest rating for January 2024 20 2759 

I prefer to stay impartial but there is no one more deserving of the title of world champion than Caruana. Except for Carlsen, Caruana is stronger than all previous world champions. I think this time he's going to win.


My vote will be on Caruana,but everyone is very strong...


I hope Fabi wins.


I'll be rooting for Prag, but I think, close to know, that Fabi will win.


After round 9, it appears that Ian is the frontrunner for victory. I'd say everyone except Nijat and Alireza still has a fair shot, given that the top six are separated by just one point. It's undeniable that Alireza is a future champion, despite some recent setbacks. Somehow young Gukesh has found himself in the position I had envisioned for Fabi.

Anyone feel like tweaking your predictions a bit?


From what I have seen so far, I would narrow my list of favourites, into just three players. Gukesh,who is playing quite good and despite the defeat from Firouzja, is still first, Nepo, who is the most consistent of all right now and manages to pull out draws in difficult positions and third, could be Nakamura,but he is by far the one that I would give the less chances of all.

Of course, I may be very far from what will happen though


I hope Gukesh wins. I love the way he plays and how focused he is.


I decided to support Nepo as the underdog in 2021 and I've supported him since then. I enjoy


His style of play and opening choices too

Botvinnik_the_6th wrote:

I decided to support Nepo as the underdog in 2021 and I've supported him since then. I enjoy

I've been cheering for Nepo since I started paying attention to professional chess last FIDE title series, but I wasn't sure he would win with Hikaru and especially Caruana present as well at the tournament. But he's really doing well at the tournament, and has the sole lead with only three games left. He's also the only person who hasn't lost a game, either. Judit Polgar called him "the minister of defense".

But we have to give some applause to Gukesh, also, who has been playing so well this tournament, and is right behind him, along with Caruana and Hikaru.

This tournament is a lot more exciting than I initially though it would be...


I think nepo ,fabi,guki and naka are the only one now who can win

I support fabi but if in case fabi don't wins ,I would want gukesh to win as indian it would be very proud other than that I really didn't want nepo to win again and I don't think hikaru would become world champion even if he wins,but I absolutely can be wrong but I literally don't want to hikaru to win candidates and world championship.


At this point, I'm seeing Gukesh as mostly likely to win outright, although there could be tiebreaks


In one hand i wanna see a rematch between ian and ding And in other i want gukesh to win 🇮🇳


Yes, definitely a rematch between Nepo & Ding is justified. If that happens it means that Nepo has won the candidates 3 times IN A ROW & thats never happened before. Ding NEVER even won the candidates tournament one time! Ding only won that match because of a single speed game mistake, ridiculous. Also, to follow it up, didn't Ding finish in last place in both his events since that match?


I hope gukesh wins, i wanna see hikaru vs liren though


Gukesh will win 100%

It doesn't matter that he is the YOUNGEST.

What matters is he is the BEST.


Gukesh has a great weapon in his arsenal: He very rarely rots his brains with online chess.


Gukesh wins, after Ian and Fabi tied their game.


Fabi missed so many chances I was rooting for fabi but still at least an Indian won if not fabi ,a bettwr result then naka or nepo winning


I'm going with Hikaru