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Chess Player of the Month June 2012

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    June CPOTM. This is the final CPOTM before the grand finale: July CPOTM. This winner will be the last winner to advance to this final round. This winner, who has been nominated for quite a while since the beginnings of CPOTM, has finally taken his crown. His path this month was not victorious, barely sliding through various competitions, but eventually in the end, the power who was given to the past winners and list members to vote, favored him.

    Congratulations to the final winner of CPOTM before the finale:










    theoreticalboy! You are elligible to compete in the final CPOTM July! Thank you guys for a very nice month of CPOTM June! Even though the discussion forum created was not used, there was no closing of forum this time! 

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    Tomorrow marks the beginning of the final month of CPOTM. Past winners was battle it out to become the sole winners of the ultimate CPOTM yet. July CPOTM will be divided into three categories: best chess player, most active, and friendliest. 

    Which members will fight for each title? Will reputations be ruined or preceded for the winner of the category? In the end, who will rise through the support of others? Check back tomorrow, July 1st, for the beginning for CPOTM July member introductions!

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    The "friendliest" part should eliminate about half the field.

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     Congratulations T ster Boy!

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    Congrats theoreticalboy!

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    Way to go, theoreticalboy.

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    Congrats mighty-boy!

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    Congratulations t-boy.

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    Congrats !

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    Congrats, Theoreticalboy! Cool

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    You pulled it out of the fire on your last chance, good luck on the Last Dance.

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    Why all this fun has to come to an end?

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    @Twobit Proknight has long had enough research for his term paper; the last several months have been gravy.

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    I nominate snakesbelly for never-ending creativity combined with unbending non-conformity.

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    Dude, we are so beyond the nominating stage! Laughing

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    OK - for July then Wink

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    goldendog wrote:


    My doggisch is a little bit rusty - could you please translate to bearisch ?



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