Famous People Who Play/ed Chess!!


Many chess players are curious about famous people who at the same time are also chess players. I decided to compose a list of famous people who play chess and have semi-official chess rating.

The numbers may not be exact and in some cases such as with Lenin, the rating may be given just as representation of the chess strength, not as the actual rating published by chess federation. Anyway, enjoy the list and feel free to comment about other famous people of known chess strength.


   Name                              Occupation        Rating

Akins, Claude            actor                 1500

Alda, Alan                actor                 1400

Amory, Cleveland       writer                1700

Archer, Jeffrey           writer                1000

Ardiles, Ossie            soccer               1700

Ayers, Lew                actor                 1500

Barnes, Julian            writer                1100

Bellamy, Guy             writer                1100

Bogart, Humphrey       actor                 1950

Bonar Law, Andrew             politics         2100

Boyer, Charles          actor            1900

Brando, Marlon             actor                 1100

Bronowski, Jacob              writer                2000

Buchwald, Art             humorist             2000

Burton, Tony           actor                 1642

Cage, Nicholas            actor                 1500

Cartwright, Bill              NBA              1400

Casillas, Graciella                  karate                 1100

Castro, Fidel                president             1900

Chamberlain, Wilt               NBA             1300

Chang, Michael              tennis                1400

Chaplin, Charlie             actor                 1400

Charles, Ray              musician               1600

Che Guevara, Ernesto             revolutionary            1950

Churchill, Randolph              politics             1800

Cooke, Alistair             TV                    1600

Cornforth, John             nobel                2200

Crane, Les          talk show           1500

Danson, Ted             actor                 1400

Darin, Bobby           musician              1500

Darrow, Henry              actor                 1700

Davis, Steve            sports                 1500

Dee, Sandra              actress           1500

Diamond, Dustin             actor                1369

Duchamp, Marcel             artist           2300+

Dunsany, Lord             writer         2000

Elman, Mischa          violinist         2100

Estrada, Erik            actor                 1400

Falk, Peter            actor                 1400

Fry, Stephen         comedian            1200

Garcia, Carlos           president           1700

Kissinger, Henry      politics          1400

Klitschko, Vitaly         boxer                1800

Klitschko, Vladimir            boxer                1800

Koestler, Arthur      journalist             1500

Komack, James               producer            1500

Krauthammer, Charles              columnist           1630

Kubrick, Stanley          director          2000

LaGuardia, Fiorello           NY mayor            1100

Landsbergis, Vytautas                president               2300

Ledger, Heath              actor                 1800

Lenin, Vladimir             Russian leader                1900

Letterman, David             TV talk host             1100

Levin, Bernard             writer                1100

Marks, Johnny            writer                1700


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Famous People Who Play/ed Chess


brother, are those ratings for real


these ratings are an estimation of their chess strength, not all of them may be real!!


and lennocks lewis, al jolson,


bro u forgot tania sachdev



Howard Stern



Benjamin Franklin was also a player of chess.  He reportedly even played The Turk!  Napoleon Bonaparte also played against The Turk.


Lolita played chess rated 1817

VaradDeo2147 wrote:

these ratings are an estimation of their chess strength, not all of them may be real!!

In that case, how accurate are the estimations?


anyone who believes these ratings has been sucked in big time!


What about women ? Julia Roberts and Madonna are said to be strong players.


Don't challenge Klitschko to a chess boxing match, lol.

margmargmargmarg wrote:

What about women ? Julia Roberts and Madonna are said to be strong players.


Yoko Ono. I'm not sure if she played chess, but it's featured in some of her artwork:


It appears if you join Flickr you can even leave messages right on her web pages.happy.png


Chuck Norris also played chess.