Frank Marshall letter originals II


Starting up again from "Frank Marshall letter: Identify?" :

The result of the previous hundreds of Views and 53 Comments was that the originals of the above letter were evidently penned on or near the S.S. New York, Hamburg-America Line, July 3d, 1930, as Marshall, Kashdan, et al set sail for that year's Olympiad in Europe. My heartfelt thanks to all who got us pointed in the right direction, especially in the direction of investigating the various Olympiads.

However, the letter contains a game/position being adjudicated by Marshall and possibly Kashdan as well. There is no indication what the event is, or who the players are. Could be Marshall CC, Metropolitan CC, whatever.

There were several good suggestions of sources to investigate, in the previous thread.

For instance "... has chess historians of some stature. They may help. N.M. Vince Klemm"--this as a result of having the same question and letter in USCF "Chess Life" some time ago.

As previous posters have said, we need a good chess historian and/or set of records of events in 1930. Whether we can assume the event in question is in the NYC area I'm not even sure of.

TIA to whomever rejoins the effort. I've been "out of pocket" myself with moving.


The original thread with the letter and its details, including Marshall's diagram of the game in question, is in the thread "Frank Marshall letter: Identify?" in this forum, if I wasn't clear on that matter. Thanks all. If anyone comes up with a source(s) of events in 1930, we're all ears, or eyes.


You're right, we have reason to believe Kash, Marshall and others were en route to an Olympiad. The evidence says it was the 1930 Olympiad, as the letter originals I have mention "S.S. New York", "July 3d", etc. S.S. New York is known to have sailed with Marshall et al on July 3d for the 1930 Olympiad. It is also known the ships that sailed for the other relevant Olympiads other years were not named New York. Note Soltis' book on Marshall, which was the revelation that the New York sailed on July 3d of 1930 (with Marshall etc). If anyone comes on strong evidence we have the wrong year, sing out. But I appreciate your suggestion of 1933. The fellow does, by the way, look like Fischer, rest his soul. And his DNA.

Again, any info on events (in the NY area?) in summer of 1930 might well be useful.


If I can swing it, here again is an image of part of the originals: