ghost reply


I'm playing an online game with a guy caller Supernasse and everytime he replies, im on online games menu, it refreshes with his game but it always says that he is offline. Its been around 30 moves and hes virtually never been online. What the hell?! Please explain (btw, he is not using conditional moves).



Mobile chess?


it could be but is i acutely noticed he is not a member or any sorts and has done more than 3 moves per day (if you are not a member this is your limit for mobile chess)


Well, he could be browsing the internet from his phone without using the moble chess application... but then he would need to be logged on anyway.  I dunno.  I'm guessing that he really is logged on but for some reason that has to do with connections or whatnot he doesn't have that symbol by his name.


could be, i think that the reason is that if someone logs on, your online screen does not not refresh and you don't know if he is online or not. Then he might leave my game till last, answer it very quickly and log off very quickly, and it would look like he was never online.

Supernasse (quote)

"and i would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddlling kids"



your actual opponent is the ghost of bobby fischer. tread catiously as the great one makes mistakes few and far between.




Hmm... Thats strang.