How long will Carlsen reign?


If Carlsen wins the world chess chapionships this year, how long do you think he could hold the title for? Right now he is world No. 1, yet he is only the age of 22 (most chess player peak around 35). Who do you believe his biggest threats in future years to be??


1. If.

2. If you said peak at 35 then maybe 13 years.

3. Anand VS Carlsen may relate to Steinitz VS Lasker. Lasker held the title for 27 years.

4. That being said 10-25 years.


I think he's going to get bored and become a world champion at modeling instead.


How do you know Pelican_Player?


500 years at least.


everyone's comments so far are good and funny, Especially fancy knight. I also enjoy the story pelikan player told.


It depends entirely on how long Carlsen intends on staying in the Chess scene. He's said before that he'd rather have a short and brilliant career, rather than a longer one in which he sees his own playing strength ebbing away. With this in mind, it's possible that he might just retire after a while.