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Korchnoi vs Dead Man??

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    A few nights ago I was watching the Bobby Fischer vs The world documentary on HBO and breifly Kasparov mentioned Viktor Korchnoi claiming he  playing a match against a dead man and then provided the moves for it. I looked it up online and found a breif article about it but could not find the moves for it. Does anyone know the move order for that game? Smile

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    Why don't you ask Fischer?

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    Why should he ask Fischer?

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    Streptomicin wrote:

    Why should he ask Fischer?

    He's dead. Maybe he was there?

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    Fischer is dead?

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    It's not a pgn. file; it's a ouija. file.  Wink

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    Streptomicin wrote:

    Fischer is dead?

    Maybe he's just not alive.


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