Mental Problems caused by Chess


I always said that chess ruined my life. And I thought it was the 2d time we have to play in that causes our brains to think differently. But recently, I've figured out that it's not that simple, but it is something to look into. I've turned into this selfish addicted lazy person, and I can tell you exactly how chess has played a big part in who I am. Chess is a game about feeling for me, but for others it is totally about studying. I never studied it but I got really good at the game. When I play with feeling, I think ahead but every move needs to feel right, and when I wait for the other player, that feeling of multiple moves is constantly in activation. If the game is a 2 hour game, and a combination of just a few moves that lasts 30 minutes in the game, during that whole 30 minutes, I'm constantly feeling good and in a state of flow constantly being bombarded by the good feeling. This has lead me to be a perfectionist in life that depends on flow to do anything, but since life works differently, I don't even do it when the time comes since I'm so used to being lazy and selfish. I have a lot more to say about this but it's so hard to talk about this for me, in this place. I don't play chess anymore, but I still feel the same way I used to in chess. Also, I'm sorry that I haven't looked into this. I'm no expert on this, but it's just something I've noticed. 

Paladin85 wrote:

Its just a game man.

how ironic that you would use that phrase. Chess is proof against that phrase. That phrase usually is used by bad people who cheat one way or another to win in other games. But chess is one of the fairest games that exists. Anyways, maybe for a normal person, it's just a game, but I over abused chess. Or maybe whoever plays with flow without learning is like me. 


There has been a psychiatric research paper last year saying the opposite: that chess is beneficial to the mentally ill. For that reason chess attracts people with a tendency for mental illness and thus the fraction of mentally ill chess players is larger than for the whole population.


The problem is you … and not chess.

you’re trying to blame your issues on an outside stimulus- (a board game that is a hobby for you and all non-professionals).

Likely you’re seeking nothing more than negative attention- a small issue, a stage minors go through. 
But in case your post is of real substance- seek professional help. This setting is the last place for any such discussion as your issues , as presented, indicate a mental state of mind that only a professional can provide help with.


Chess is a board game. A hobby played for entertainment purposes. Your perspective needs a major shift. Priorities rearranged.

StormCentre3 wrote:

Chess is a board game. A hobby played for entertainment purposes. Your perspective needs a major shift. Priorities rearranged.

tell that to the people who play chess seriously for hours every day. Chess can be a way of life too, and to the op, I understand what you say, I play chess based on what move feels right, and that has helped refine my intuition, because I used to overthink everything in life. That being said, you should learn to separate chess and life, like I do, and apply some ways of thinking learned from chess, but also not rely on it entirely.


if you want to succeed in life, determine what you must do & make it happen:

1.  i got where i am today through hard work.

2.  you're responsible for your own inaction.

chess is fun, but there are more important issues around than becoming skillful at a hobby game.  🙂